Makers Academy remote final project day 5

When four becomes three

I've mentioned the issue of my team's continual disagreements and arguing in earlier posts from this week, but until now I've tried to steer clear from quite how bad it's been. Today however the issue finally became too much, and had to be dealt with swiftly.

Over the past few days one particular member of our final project group has proven themselves to be a poor fit with the rest of us. I won't go in to details because I believe there's no merit to it, but I will say that working with this person has brought the group's morale to an incredibly low point. After careful consideration the rest of us today took the unanimous decision to part ways with this person. It's an unfortunate situation and it wasn't taken lightly, but we felt that our hands were effectively tied. While this has been a horrible situation for everybody involved, it's taught us that when a problem of this nature occurs it has to be dealt with quickly and effectively, otherwise the damage to the group morale can potentially become too severe to repair.

Project progress

As for our project work, progress has been appreciably slow. However in the second half of today we've begun to make some headway while working as a group of three. We now have the basic functionality implemented in order to sign up, create a user profile and then to create a road trip along with its itinerary. We've also implemented some basic validations, like ensuring that only a signed in user is able to create a road trip, etc.

In summary this week has been characterised by highs and lows. As a group of three we've made a tough decision, and one that we believe will now allow us to progress much more productively for the remainder of this project. However most of the other teams originally began with five members, so we were already at a disadvantage with only four, and now we've chose to go forward as a group of three, so we have a lot of work ahead of us.