Recently I decided to rename my MacBook Pro from Baz's MacBook Pro to Barry's MacBook Pro. Similarly I wanted to rename my user account to 'Barry Grubb' (with a home directory of barrygrubb) from the previous 'Baz Grubb' (with a home directory of bazgrubb).

Thankfully it was pretty simple to sort out without having to clean install macOS or anything so drastic. However it's not quite as simple as just changing your name in one place, so I figured while it's all fresh in my mind, why not share it? Note the following is correct as of macOS Mojave. If you're from the future you might need to use future Google to help you out.

Step 1, Rename your user account and home directory, and change the full name of your user account

Your user account on your Mac has an 'Account name' property, which is used to name your home directory. In my case, it was bazgrubb, which I wanted to change to barrygrubb. Your account also has a 'full name' property, which is just a text string to identify you, but you'll probably want to change that too. My full name was 'Baz Grubb', which I wanted to change to 'Bary Grubb'. To rename these properties you'll need to do the following:

After doing the above I had assumed that everything was complete. I went to make a coffee, and when I can back my screensaver had popped up with "Baz's MacBook Pro" scrolling across the screen. Hmm, I'd clearly missed something.

Step 2, rename your mac

It appears that the Mac's machine name is set when you first add a user to it, but if you later rename that user the Mac won't get renamed along with it. The place where you have to manually rename your mac isn't actually the most intuitive location to find it, but all you need to do is go to 'System Preferences > Sharing', and there you'll see a property called 'Computer Name'. Changing it here will update your Mac's name, which identifies it on networks, and yes, on screensavers too. Job done.